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Here are some not-so recent Astronomy photos that I took with the University of Missouri's 14in Schmidt-Cassegrain 3900mm Focal length Telescope.



First is M27 the Dumbell Nebula. You can see how much better it is than at the bottom of this page when I was just learning. Improved techniques really help!


 M27 with reduced blue.


M27 again with equal parts of RGB. Something must have happened to make it so blue. I thought it had less


This is supposed to be the Eskimo Nebula - NGC 2392. It is not recent but recently posted on 6/30/06. You can see I need to take a longer exposure.

And NGC 3242 the Ghost of Jupiter Nebula. It is cool huh? Id like to have captured more red, but it wasnt possible.


One of my favorite Creations M51 -- Whirlpool Galaxy


One of my favorites M13 the Hercules Cluster  (Hundreds of thousands of stars)


And a one of M37 we took for BatDan's astronomy project


0.120 Seconds with 1/2 aperture blocked


I love this picture.  For the first time ever I successfully captured detail of Jupiter.  Previously I was only able to get the 2 dark bands.  I am very happy.


Saturn with same setup.   You can see the shadow of the planet on the back ring and the front ring on the planet.


Saturn's Moons

With Moons labeled

It is impossible to show both the definition of the rings at the same time as the moons.  :(


M104 "Sombrero Galaxy" 360 second exposure at 40%

same 360 seconds with 100%


obviously my flats weren't as good as they should have been


And the best ever I did of M57 

Big Dipper, notice the double stars Alcor and Mizar (the brighter) in the handle.  Each is in itself a double.

Sagittarius and Scorpio

Cygnus the Swan

Orion Nebula with lots of red

Orion Nebula equal parts of color

1 of the Perseid Double Cluster

Mars, best I have so far, but just wait!

One phase of the moon

And the Dumbell Nebula again. Notice how my technique got better by comparing with the first photo!

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